FitnessVantage offers a wide range of products and services for endurance athletes of all ages and skills, some of who are World, National and State champions and medallists. Emphasis is placed on removing the fluff and confusion by following the simple principles of exercise physiology.

It goes beyond just knowing numbers, but knowing what to do after the numbers are gathered. Education is important so you don’t just do it, but know “why” and “how” to do it. Teaching and practicality is the cornerstone of continual success and FitnessVantage excels at this.


  • IDEA Health & Fitness Member
  • San Diego Velodrome Association Member
  • USA Cycling Coaches Association Member


  • There is an athlete in everyone
  • Training is individually focused
  • Communication is essential to success
  • Training progresses with changes in abilities
  • Anything of real value can only be achieved through hard work
  • Success is earned through integrity and respect
  • Everything should be done for a reason
  • We’re all in this fight together