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  • 12 Weeks Out

    “There’s this race coming up I want to do. I want to win or podium. It’s in two weeks” Can this rider still perform well and finish in the top 3? Sure. There is always a chance. But the reality is, the chances are unless you have been destroying everyone in every race you do all… Read More

  • What it Means to Go Hard

    This morning I had to take someone through a brutal protocol…. ramped exercise test for VO2peak followed by 20 minutes of rest. And then…. 1 minute all out for max and average power. Great data collected and he was the picture of “having gone all out.” He climbed (er fell) off his bike and lay… Read More

  • Fitness and Health is in My Blood

    Why am I a coach? Why do I have such a strong passion for training, fitness, health? For as long as I can remember I have been active and involved in sports. Of course, I had the fortune of growing up in a neighborhood and at a time when I could wake up in the… Read More

  • Are You Really Doing Tabata?

    Tabata mania has taken over the fitness industry. On social media sites, there are hundreds of posts every day from trainers and exercise enthusiasts about their latest Tabata torture. Trainers are blogging about their must-have, life-changing Tabata workout. There are even full classes dedicated to the method called Tabata Bootcamps. I first came across the… Read More

  • Running Around to Standstill

    Lifting weights is better for you than cardio. Cardio isn’t effective. Cardio is a waste of time. Cardio will make you “soft and squishy.” Lately, mass media fitness magazines, bloggers, and very good personal trainers are putting these very thoughts into our heads. Even articles in peer-reviewed journals cause enough confusion to encourage trainers to avoid… Read More

  • The Making of Quadzilla

    As a self-proclaimed meathead cyclist, I like to work the legs. From my cycling days, I actually learned to like the feeling my legs got after a brutal race or a challenging ride. I also quickly realized the stronger I could make my legs, the faster I could go. Because of this, I may be one… Read More

  • Groundhog Day and Scary Shadows

    February 2: Groundhog Day. An odd celebration based on an old Pennsylvania Dutch tradition that pits our weather forecasters against a very large rodent. Each year, a chubby groundhog is pulled from his warm burrow and if he sees his shadow he will get scared, retreat back in his home, and we have six more… Read More

  • Words to be Banished from Fitness

    Since 1976, Lake Superior State University has released an annual list of words to be banished because they have been driven into the ground and have lost meaning. In 2013, the list includes such words and phrases as ‘fiscal cliff,’ ‘trending,’ and ‘spoiler alert.’ The world of fitness has its own words and phrases that… Read More


Leg Workout

No gym? No problem. These JC Leg Cranks are a quad busting blow out guaranteed to add strength and speed to your stems. Great way to finish your leg workout.


Movement Prep

A simple approach to movement prep that follows the same patterns we learn from birth to walking. Simon says, “Get moving!”


Are You Efficient?

How can I become more efficient, what are metabolic evaluations, and why are they so important? This short video helps answer your questions.


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